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At DFC, the color orange is very important to us. Orange is what you get when you combine two primary colors—red and yellow.
 If you paint only with red, you will get what only red can do. If you paint only with yellow, you will get what only yellow can do. But when you paint with red and yellow, you’ll get new possibilities, fresh solutions, vibrant outcomes. For us, the color red represents the heart of the family, and the color yellow represents the light of Jesus. We use the color orange to symbolize what it means to parent beyond your capacity. Orange parents understand that by tapping into a wider community, they have the potential to make a greater impact in the lives of their children, both young and old. Below are some great links to resources as you strive to create a family that is ORANGE!

Orange Parents

D6 Family

Legacy Milestones

Family Life

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

Focus on the Family