“Love your neighbor as yourself.” As a group of people that love God, we strive to show this love to people both near and far. That’s why at Discover Family Church, you’ll find an ongoing emphasis on local and global missions…and opportunity for you to get involved. Not just the adults, but everyone is called to change the world, so parents, students, and children alike are a part of our mission!

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based nonprofit that was founded in 1994 to serve food to the needy children of the world, have community outreaches worldwide, disaster response, and partner resourcing. Since 1994 they have served more than 55 MILLION people throughout the world. Currently, there are more than 120,000+ children in their feeding initiatives in El Salvador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua and the Philippines. Year after year, they are lauded for their effectiveness and efficiency in mobilizing tens of thousands of volunteers for community outreaches and during times of disaster response. No matter what they are doing, their objective is to always deliver much-needed food, supplies and the hope of Jesus to the impoverished and suffering.

Jason and Loanne Procopio


On the surface, it could seem like France isn’t a very logical place for missionary work. France is a wealthy country. They have the Internet. They drive cars. Christians are not openly persecuted in France. It is fairly easy to live a comfortable life in France. So why plant a church there? Today, of France’s 65 million people, less than 1% can be counted as followers of Christ. On average, there is 1 evangelical church for every 32,000 persons in France. Less than 10% of the French population own a Bible, and 80% have never even handled one.

Jason and Loanne met in Florida in February of 2003 and were married…nine weeks later. Within a few months they became convinced that God was leading them to move to France. After several years serving in a local church in every way possible, God called them to plant a church in Paris. In September 2012, they became Acts 29 Europe‘s first church planting interns in France. The need in France is very great. The Procopio’s challenges are different from those one may hear of in missions conferences, but no less real. That is why they are planting in France. That is why Discover Family Church is partnering to help them with this real and pressing need.

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Paris? from Jason Procopio on Vimeo.