Johnny Kelley

Lead Pastor

Johnny Kelley is the founding pastor of Discover Family Church. As a pastor, speaker, and evangelist for the last decade, he has been able to minister across the country. Through all that, God has given him a heart to reach out to families and show them the love of Jesus. He knows that he has been called to shepherd, and equip … Read More



Kim Kelley

Family Pastor

35 plus years experience as a children’s pastor, Kim will bring leadership and oversight to children and family ministries of DFC. HIs passion is the development of spiritually healthy families through a partnership between church and family influences. Through trained and talented ministry teams, Kim will bring structure and … Read More


Betty Kelley

Early Childhood Director

Betty Kelley (alias, Ms Betty) has served alongside her husband, Kim, in many ministry roles. Most of her ministry years have been directed to the infant through preschool child, but her experience in ministry is much wider. Betty has a great ability to build real teams that are both equipped, and ready to love the children, and … Read More